Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cypress is finished

I finished my second novel two days ago. I'm still reeling. I think it is good - much better than my first book. And I love it. Often, when I'm watching my students write at the beginning of each block, I think about my characters as if they are alive. I imagine them as they are at the end of the book. I really, truly love my characters, for they are everything good I believe people should be. Not that they are perfect, for they certainly have their flaws, but they are good, decent people. I love that I created them and added them to my world.

On a school note, I had a student ask me today if I was pregnant. I'm not. In fact, I've lost weight since they first met me. (Sigh) It's days like today I remind myself that the part of the brain that makes rational decisions isn't fully developed until the age of twenty-one.

I also dyed my hair yesterday, which ALL of them noticed. No one looked me in the eye, because they were staring at my head. If their parents ask them what they learned at school today, they'll probably say their English teacher is pregnant and endangered her child by dying her hair. Does that count as teaching?

Students 1 Beth 0


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