Friday, May 29, 2009

Sex Ed - English Style

I had to explain to my students what "begat" means. It happened like this:

We were reading Inherit the Wind in class. At one point, one lawyer in the play asks another if he feels people begat now the way they begat in the Old Testament.

Beth, of course, giggles, because its funny. But the rest of the room is silent. Their sweet, innocent faces are confused. Why is the teacher laughing?

Stupidly, I ask "Don't you know what begat means?" You can guess their answer, which was unanimous.

So, I had to explain it to them. As in Beth and Mike got married. They begat a son, Joseph. Because they did it. Had sex. Begat Joseph.

I'm assuming they enjoyed my explanation, based on the laughter. And the snickers. I'm fairly certain that I heard a boy in the back of the room say, "She said sex." This, coming from students who watch the same movies I do, listen to sexually graphic music and would probably "begat" in the hallway if we let them.

Beth's explanation 1 Begatting 1


  1. I think it should have been Begatting 30 Beth's explanation 0, because begatting always wins over talking.

  2. No argument there. But please, give credit where credit is due. My explanation was spot on.


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