Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So You Think You Can Write?

As I prepare for another season of So You Think You Can Dance and pay close attention to those contestants I will later choose for my draft, a rather unpleasant thought occurred to me. Over and over on the show, contestants make fools of themselves, performing amateur moves, falling down or dressing in ridiculous bunny outfits. The goal? Make it to "Vegas".

Similarly, one could compare the unpublished author to the dancer that didn't get the ticket to Vegas. Let's take a closer look.

Dancer: Wants to get a ticket to Vegas
Writer: Wants to get an offer from an agent.

Dancer: Wants to prove they are an accomplished dancer.
Writer: Wants to prove they are an accomplished writer.

Dancer: Doesn't want to fall on their face.
Writer: Doesn't want to write a manuscript that makes the reader want to fall on their face.

Dancer: Doesn't want to look like a fool.
Writer: Ditto

But what if I am that horrible, bunny suit wearing, fall on your face dancer in the writing world? The idea is deeply unsettling, yet not completely off . . . or so I think. My husband disagrees. But then again, he is smart and wants to avoid the couch tonight.

Bunny suit -1 Beth - ?

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