Sunday, May 24, 2009

A School, or a Zoo?

Summer is almost upon us. At school, this change is very apparent. I'll list the reasons why:

1. I'm seeing more skin than I care to.
2. I feel more like a zoo keeper than a high school teacher.
3. They are louder. If I hear them singing "Mother Lover" one more time I'm not going to be able to contain my laughter anymore. Bye bye decorum.
4. Students who don't shower after gym have a rather distinct odor.
5. They actually want to write poetry . . . if we can do it outside.
6. They seem surprised when I want to teach them.
7. The make-out sessions in the hallway have increased. I'd yell "get a room," but that seems a little innapropriate considering they are teenagers.

The end of this year is bittersweet for me. I'm excited to be at a new school next year - which is only five minutes from home - but I'll miss the students. Each year I think I'll never love another group of students like I care for my current classes, and each new year proves me wrong. Nine months down . . . three weeks to go.

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