Monday, June 22, 2009

Dropping the F-Bomb

My Aunt, sister and I threw my parents a 40th wedding anniversary party on Friday. Everything went perfectly, and the guests really enjoyed themselves. That being said, I left the party wondering when it's OK to drop the f-bomb.

It's not like I haven't heard this word at least a thousand times. I teach students in high school who are fond of the word and creatively use it. My f'in teacher . . . He f'd her . . . I brought an f'in sandwich for lunch. It would seem there is no limit to the word's place in the English language.

However, I was dumbstruck when a friend of my father's, who will remain nameless, said that very word while we were talking Friday night. It came up casually, but hearing it was like hitting a warm spot in the pool. Before I knew what was going on, I was entrenched it in. In fact, after he said it, I wasn't entirely sure it had really happened. Here we were, having a very normal conversation when BAM. The f-bomb enters unannounced.

I didn't know what to do. Do I respond in kind? Should I ask him what he thinks of this f-in party? What the f are you doing later? Maybe I should keep it friendly. How the f are you?I mean, when one drops the word, does it mean we should all start swearing? And if I don't begin swearing, will it make the other party feel uncomfortable, as if I didn't pick up on their invitation to join the club?

I think I threw in the word "shit" at some point soon after the f-word entered the conversation. I figured it wasn't quite as bad as "the" word, but let him know I was still cool. It was a safe alternative. I'm happy with my decision. Plus, it's less likely to get back to my father. Deep down, I feel we've taken our relationship to a new level. We're swearing buddies now. F-yeah!

Beth - 1 F-word - 1 (We're on equal footing now)

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