Monday, June 15, 2009

A Nice Little Saturday

So, a funny thing happened at Target on Saturday. At least, it is funny now. It wasn't funny on Saturday.

I went to Target for two things: an inflatable pool with a slide for the backyard and a card for my sister's bridal shower. Sounds easy enough, but my son is two and a half. He knows how to unbuckle the straps that keep him in the cart. Therefore, I have no choice but to let him walk. He loves it. Freedom. Lots of things to touch and break.

You can see where I'm going with this. We made it to the back of the store to get the pool without incident. I won't lie. I bribed him. I promised to buy a pair of Thomas the Train swim shorts if he behaved. But a shiny new tricycle caught his eye as I decided between the dinosaur pool and the dolphin pool. You can understand his dilemma. Wouldn't everyone rather have the shiny new tricycle?

In less than a minute, he was on the floor, on his back, kicking his legs and screaming. I did the only thing a mother in this situation could do. I made a run for it. With a shrieking toddler under my arm, I grabbed the cart with my free hand and bolted for the checkout counter. There was panic in each teller's eyes. They didn't want me to come to their line. But I had to choose one of them. A middle-aged man with no line was the winner.

Something along the lines of "I need to get out of here NOW" spewed from my mouth as he scanned the pool and shoved it into a bag. I wouldn't buy the swim trunks, which only made the situation worse. I had my son by the wrist as he screamed "Mine! My choo-choo train shorts!" My daughter chose this moment to tug on my shirt and remind me that she was being a good girl.

I tucked my screaming son under my arm yet again and propelled the cart forward, out of the store and through the parking lot. Suddenly, Joey squirmed out of my grasp. As I turned to re-acquire him, my cart took off, barreling down the hill. A young man with a pregnant wife came to the rescue, sprinting towards the cart and saving it before it hit anything. I'm pretty sure he's regretting his decision to have children at this very moment.

I eventually got Joey into the car and went straight to Wendy's. Chicken nuggets stopped the temper tantrum.

Even though I didn't get a card for my sister, we made it to the car in one piece. I consider the trip a success.

Beth - 1 Joey - 0

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