Sunday, July 12, 2009

Contests - Friend or Foe?

On Wednesday, I entered a short story contest. It was on the Clarity of Night blog. Don't ask me to link it. I'm HTML illiterate.

I needed to write a short story in less than 250 words. I prepared for at least three weeks and wrote a semi-non-fiction account of my grandfather in the nursing home. I loved this piece of writing.

So, you can imagine my dismay when I submitted the entry on the second day and it wasn't posted.

To be fair, the blog kept mentioning that, say, there were 40 entries and 25 had been posted. I was under the impression that the blogger specifically chose the qualified entries that were good enough. But the posted entries seemed on the same level as mine, so I couldn't figure out why mine hadn't made the cut.

Ok, lets be honest. It was more than mere curiosity. I agonized. I worried. I tore my freaking hair out. I even came close to crying on more than one occasion, which I'm not proud of but couldn't help. How in the world had my entry not made the cut? I am so very critical of myself, and even I thought it deserved to be posted. To those who know me, that says a great deal.

For four days, I fretted over this. Finally, after almost deleting the blog from my favorites, I decided to investigate. I read the comments section

As it turns out, Jason Evans posts every entry, but never received mine. Totally fair. Totally rational. Jason is really a nice guy.

You can imagine how stupid I feel. It is really, toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe, food on your upper lip kind of stupid. But the relief is unimaginable.

Beth - um, 1? Contest - way more than one. The entries are amazing.


  1. Sorry for that. The email gods truly suck sometimes.

    Glad you checked with me. :)

  2. Trust me, Jason. Not your fault at all. Perhaps I should learn to relax a bit. I'll chalk it up to this being my first writing contest entry. And I'm neurotic.


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