Monday, July 20, 2009


My daughter ate an entire pack of Starburst candy today. The makers finally got something right and created a pack composed entirely of the red and pink flavors! It took everything in my power to stay away from her package. I can't say the same for my napping son's pack of Starburst, however.

Many might shake their head at my actions. Shame on me for letting her have it. But it was either that or prolong the madness for several days. I prefer to suffer the consequences all at once.

About one hour after she finished the candy, she began a five-year-old version of kung-fu fighting, announcing that she could go off to war and fight. The attack commenced against my husband and me, complete with hi-ya sound effects.

Ten minutes after playing war she ran back and forth from the living room to the kitchen about 30 times.

Still not tired after racing, she jumped on the back of the couch and tackled me from behind, begging for more Starbursts like a weed addict would beg for a dime bag.

I swear the candy makers slip something in their products that targets children. The candy just made me tired.

Jillian - 1 Candy - 10

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