Sunday, December 20, 2009


This weekend we were hit with the Blizzard of 2009. I haven't seen snow like this since I graduated high school in 1996. It snowed for thirty hours and dumped two feet of snow on our town. Crazy!

I did notice, however, that people (and animals) do some interesting things when it snows.

My husband couldn't stop watching the weather channel. I didn't seen the point after the first forecast. Look outside. It's snowing. What more can the weather people tell us?

My dog, who usually hates all wet things, decided to take a morning stroll in six inches of snow at six in the morning. I had to throw on boots and chase after him down the street to drag him home - in my pajamas.

For some reason, our neighbors lost sight of neighborly "protocol". A man across the street shoveled his driveway and threw all the snow onto the newly plowed street. Another fellow threw the snow behind his car onto my husband's car. Our neighbor decided that his driveway snow looked better in our yard. Would they do that with dirt? Trash?

Overall, however, it was a fun experience. Today (Sunday), our school district shut down for the next three days, extending my winter break to two weeks. Woo Hoo! I'm hoping the cabin fever doesn't make me do something odd. Like running down the street in my pajamas.