Friday, February 12, 2010

The Job With No Vacation

I haven't been to work in seven days due to the two mammoth snow storms that blew through Northern Virginia. My teaching work, that is.

What I have been doing is my other job. The one with no vacation, no breaks and no down time. I call it my Mommy work.

I'm not used to doing my Mommy work full time. I'm the type of person who loves my children desperately, but needs to teach in order to keep my sanity. Therefore, the last seven days have been . . . an experience. When two young children are cooped up in the house for seven days, it is only natural to have stories.

Jillian and Joseph have devised some rather unique games to keep themselves busy. Jillian came downstairs after being unnaturally quiet upstairs and said, "Guess what we've been doing Mommy? We've been climbing something. It starts with M and ends with ountain." I figured out her little riddle, and asked what the mountain was made of. I instantly regretted that question she proudly showed me her creation. It was a mountain made out of clothes! She'd removed all the clothing from her dresser to make a mountain of clothing on her bed. Creative.

Today I walked into the kitchen and discovered another of their creative outlets. In this game, Joseph threw popcorn onto the floor and Jillian cleaned it up with a dust bin and broom. Creative? Yes. Messy? You betcha.

Joseph thought it would be fun to play "chase the monster" while riding his hobby horse. The dog was the monster.

They ask me for food every five minutes. They ask me for cookies every two minutes. That is my fault, however, because in my desperation to keep them busy we baked a huge batch of cookies. Twice. I've also made my grandmother's eggplant, a roast chicken, stew, and pretty much every other roast imaginable. I created my own cheese sauce for gourmet nachos.

I really need to go back to the job with vacations.

Beth - 0
Children during a snow storm - 1

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