Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some People Need Their Space

We might get snow tomorrow, so the grocery stores were understandably crowded this afternoon. What if someone ran out of milk? An inch of snow on the ground could prevent a person from having their cereal that morning, which is unthinkable.

I, however, only needed two baking potatoes to make Shepherds Pie tonight, so I dragged the kids with me to the store. My urgency had nothing to do with milk. I swear.

An hour later we arrived at the check-out line with a cart full of groceries (milk included), approximately $100 worth, which forced me into a regular line. The woman ahead of me had ten items. Ten. That number might make you think that she was taking up less than a quarter of the conveyor belt. But you'd be wrong.

Somehow, she had spaced her items in a perfect line so that they took up the entire conveyor belt.

I approached, sweaty from shopping with two children, threatening to take away their donuts if they didn't behave, and I wanted to get my items paid for as quickly as possible. The kids, eager to help, kept trying to put our groceries on the conveyor belt. But the lady in front of us, with ten items, was still waiting for the woman in front of her to finish and had no intention of making room.

Surely, I thought, as I kept removing the items my children were placing in her "space", she would relent and make room.

No. She did not move them. Not even an inch.

I have yet to come up with an explanation for this oddity.

I'm happy to report that the kids were able to keep their donuts despite this roadblock. Joey only hurt himself five times during the check-out adventure, falling far below his record of fifteen times. Astonishingly, Jillian didn't ask for additional candy. Then again, we were in the "parent" aisle that only offered vegetable based products. And the lady in front of me only paid for her products.

Beth - 1 (I'm sane despite my children's best efforts to the contrary)

Lady in front of me - 0 (I question her sanity)

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