Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Little Klepto

My son is a kleptomaniac in the making.

It started when he was about 16 months old and many of our DVDs mysteriously disappeared. We suspect he found places to hide them, such as the slots over the fireplace and down air vents. But he is good. Very good. We've yet to find any of them after two years.

It seems, however, that he has moved on to better hunting ground. Items have been disappearing at my mother's house. They, by no apparent coincidence, coincide with our Thursday and Sunday visits.

First it was a flashlight. My dad discovered that item behind his tire. After he ran over it.

Later, they discovered one of their phones was missing. That item has yet to turn up after several months.

I found some "leprechaun coins" my mom was using as a decoration in Joey's overall pocket. He occasionally slips one of my mother's movies in my purse. A small rabbit with a straw hat, used as an Easter decoration, has also gone missing.

I imagine that somewhere there is a secret stash of treasures, but he claims to be ignorant of their whereabouts. We might find it someday, but with his talents, I doubt it.

Joey - 1
Mommy's searching skills - 0