Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lock Down

A scary thing happened at school on Friday.

Just after third lunch, the principal came over the P.A. and told us we were in lockdown. If it is a drill, they warn us ahead of time. This was not a drill.

I'm proud to say I reacted calmly and rationally. I locked the door, covered the windows herded the students into a back corner against the wall and turned out the lights. They were understandably frightened, as was I.

The worst part, in my opinion, was that we had no idea what was going on. About ten minutes after lockdown occurred, my husband called. My mother was driving by and saw about twenty police cars outside the school. They had every entrance blocked. She freaked out and called Mike, who called me. I shared this knowledge with the students, who immediately ceased their whispering. Police with rifles ran by and banged on each door, testing it. To give them confidence, we came up with a game plan on what we would do should someone try to get in and hurt us. I readied my chair by the door to use as a weapon. The students unanimously agreed that playing dead was the best option.

We sat in the dark for forty minutes. It was hard to believe this was happening. Most teachers go their entire careers without a lockdown. It only took me four. Eventually, they lifted the lockdown. We found out that students saw someone acting suspiciously on the third floor, and that he may have had a weapon. The police found nothing during their search. Everyone was safe, for which I am so thankful.

This lockdown took place after the second lunch food-fight and before a bus driver was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

It was an eventful day at work.

And I drank a lot last night.

Beth and the rest of the high school - 1
Fear - 1

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