Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mother

I dedicate this entry to my mother.

There are so many things I love about her. I love how intelligent she is, and how she shares that love of knowledge with everyone around her. I know if I have a question about ANYTHING, I can ask her. If she doesn't know, she'll hurry to her home library to look it up. And I love how she turns to a book before the Internet.

I love what a good listener she is. She never makes me feel as though I'm boring her with my relentless work or family stories. She listens and gives advice when I ask it. She also knows when to give me sympathy instead of advice. It is instinctive, and perfect.

I love that she doesn't mind when I call her several times a day. I like to know what is going on in her life. I like sharing my life with her. Even if we talk for two minutes, it is comforting.

I love that my mother has read all of my novels. She makes notes and suggestions. She is honest with me about the failures and successes of each one.

I love the way my mother smells. She has that "mommy" smell that is perfect all of the time. I've tried her perfumes, but they never smell the same on me. Each hug is a breath of comfort.

I love the way she takes such an interest in my children. She plays with them. She takes them interesting places. She teaches them, she spoils them. She is the perfect combination between a parent and a grandparent. They know their limits in her house, but also know she'll give them a gumdrop if they ask.

I love how she treats my husband the same way she would one of her children. It shows me she feels he is part of the family.

Her house is my house. I haven't lived at home for nine years (minus 8 months about four years ago) but it still feels like home. She makes it familiar and loving.

My mother values family. She cries with me. She laughs with me. She parents me when I need it. She is a best friend to me.

I hope my mother knows how much I value her. How much I love her. For despite the lengthiness of this email, there really aren't words to tell her how wonderful she is.

Happy Mother's Day Mommy. I love you!

My Mom - 1
No comparison this time.

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