Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bathrooms Are For Suckers

My son has discovered a new use for nature. Why use a bathroom when you can pee outside?

Silly me. I went my entire life without realizing this while he learned it in three short years. I blame myself. About a month ago, we had a bathroom emergency on a road trip and pulled to the side of the road so he could go to the bathroom outside. Joseph found this fascinating. What a unique concept. Peeing outside was liberating!

Now, he wants to pull over whenever we are in the car to go on the side of the road.

Yesterday, we refused and insisted he wait till we reached our destination, which was Fairfax Corner. They have an interactive "water feature" where water shoots up from the ground. The kids love playing in the "fountain". When we arrived, Joey said he no longer had to go to the bathroom. I foolishly took him at his word.

While Mike went to pick up a pizza, I applied sunscreen to Jillian. I turned around in time to see that Joey had dropped his pants around his ankles and was peeing on the bricks.

Joey didn't understand why I was upset. He explained that he had to go, and we were outside. What was the problem? A man sitting nearby was laughing hysterically. A woman with a little girl gave me a dirty look. I grabbed Joey and hurried back to our table,hoping no one else had noticed. We had a long talk about public exposure, and how using the bathroom was polite because only animals went potty outside.

I thought my lecture did the trick, until we got home and I caught him peeing outside on the lawn.

Nature as a potty for my son - 1
My incredible lecturing abilities - 0


  1. in Hungary, young kids are sort of encouraged to pee outside. for males it must be fun.
    i am a mother of two and have found that both my husband and son like to pee outside whenever it is possible.
    they never choose public places though :)))
    they opt for dense forests and abandoned natural places and the like.
    i, too think it's quite natural :)

  2. jared will pee outside any chance he gets. i think this is from growing up on a ranch. it drives me crazy though. (ps - HI! i'm now reading your blog :) )


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