Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shaking It

I've discovered Latin Fusion.

Latin Fusion is a great new aerobics class at my gym. I hate working out, but I don't mind doing Latin Fusion, which is something I never thought I'd hear myself say. It is a great mix between aerobics and Latin dancing. I get to shake my hips, swirl my arms, bounce around and gyrate in all kinds of interesting and fun ways.

If this seems like an odd topic to post about, hang in there.

See, my students have also discovered that I've discovered Latin Fusion.

My students are my "other" children. I see them almost every day. I teach them about literature, about life and about morality. I care about them a great deal. That being said, I do not want them to see me during Latin Fusion class.

If you wonder why, please see the sentence above that begins with "I get to shake . . ."

Yet another reason most teachers do not live where they teach. It's the reason why animals don't s*#t where they sleep. Too messy. Too undesirable. Too embarrassing. Foolishly, I thought all my modesty was gone when I gave birth in front of a doctor and two nurses who were complete strangers. This brings exhibitionism to a whole new level.

Beth - 0
The show, courtesy of Beth - 1

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