Friday, November 26, 2010

A Wish

Today, my mom and I dared to take my children shopping with us on Black Friday. All things considered, they behaved very well, and we got some GREAT deals. However, my son put me to shame.

At the fountain area in the mall, the children asked for a coin to throw so that they could make a wish. Jillian kept her wish silent, so it would come true, she said. Joey, who is too young to understand the "silent" wish, (or anything involving silence, to be honest), said his wish aloud.

"I wish I could cuddle with my Mommy all day," he said, giving me his sweetest, most sincere smile.

How many times have I wished for a fantastic vacation, or for a bigger house? Money, and what it can bring to my family, is so often on my mind. But my sweet little boy wished for something much more important - family love. I've learned so much from my children, and continue to be amazed at how much they can teach me about the really important things in life.

That being said, we watched Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special today, and I heard the funniest lines.
Dad: "I'm sorry I made you feel so guilty." (to his son)
Po: Aw, it's OK. That's what the holidays are all about."

Well done, Joey. Well done.

Beth - 0
Joey - 1