Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Joey on Names

Joey and I had an interesting conversation about names.  It went something like this:

Joey:  "Mommy, your name is Mommy, right?"

Me:  "Yes, that's what you call me."
Joey:  "But is that your name?"

Me: "Are you asking if Mommy is my first name?"

Joey:  "Yes"

Me:  "No, honey.  Mommy is not my first name."

Joey:  "Didn't your parents call you Mommy when you were a little girl?"

Me:  "No.  Mimi and Papa called me Beth, because they are my parents."

Joey:  "No they didn't."

Me:  "Yes, they did.  My name is Beth."

Joey:  "No.  Your name is Mommy.  They called you Mommy.  I know it."

I ceased arguing at that point.  

Joey - 1  
Mommy - 0

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  1. I had a similar conversation with Mike... Anna, my oldest, never had a problem with this since, as a toddler, she was always around adults who constantly call me Karin. Emily believed everything Anna said so the conversation with her went something like this, "Emi, what's Mommy's name?" "Karin." I think the girls trick Mike a little too much (usually in good fun - they are pretending stuff and such) so he didn't believe me, the girls or Daddy - Gramma had to tell him the story of when I was born...

    However, kid had a memory b/c today when we were walking into Wegmans, he said, "Mommy, if I get lost, I'll tell the policeman that your name is Karin." Cute but I pointed out that he'd need to tell the store clerk at the checkout that he was lost and they'd be able to page me.


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