Sunday, July 17, 2011

A New Pet Peeve

I just got back from a cruise to Bermuda, and should be blogging about my fantastic trip, but there is another encounter that is foremost on my mind.

We took our children to the fountain "park" at Fairfax Corner today, and I developed a new pet peeve from this experience. 

When we arrived, as I was applying sunscreen to my children, I happened to notice that a family was leaving a table with an umbrella.  Excited, I grabbed my belongings and began ushering my children towards the vacant table.  Just before I got there, another family pushed their rather large stroller between the chairs and plopped their stuff down on the table.  Despite my frustration, I conceded that they'd beaten me there and settled on a sun-exposed bench.

As my husband and I baked in the 90 degree heat, the couple who got "my" table put sunscreen on their children and placed everything but a bottle of water back in their deluxe stroller.  They made sure the stroller was safely under the umbrella, and proceeded to follow their children over to the water fountain area.

At first, they elected to stand directly in front of my husband and me.  We craned our necks to find our children around their bodies, and I must admit to commenting loudly about their unfortunate placement.  Eventually, (we are talking 15 minutes here), the husband realized he MIGHT be standing DIRECTLY in front of me, and moved a bit to the left.

In the meantime, their table remained vacant, except for their over-sized stroller which sat happily in the shade.

To make a long story short, this rather unfortunate cycle repeated for at least 45 minutes.  Every few minutes, I glared jealously at the large stroller that continued to enjoy the shade, while my skin sizzled under the sun.  In the hour we sat there, the couple only returned to the table once to get a towel.


I continue to dislike inconsiderate people.

Beth - 1
Inconsiderate People - 0

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