Thursday, August 11, 2011


My son has developed an obsession with objects he calls "fluffy".  His definition of fluffy things, however, is not the same as mine. 

Beth's Idea of Fluffy Things:

Seriously?  Does this look anything like my elbow?
bunny rabbits
freshly laundered towels
eighties hair

Items Joey Deems Fluffy:
both of my elbows
both of my knees
the back of most people's arms****

I don't know where he developed this fascination with "fluffy" body parts, but his mild obsession has also turned into a security blanket of sorts. 

When he is nervous or needs reassurance, he stands right next to me and rubs my "fluffy".  This is the patch of skin on my elbow when my arm is straight.  It looks odd when he stands there and rubs it between his fingers.  And it is a bit ticklish. 

He may have crossed the line yesterday, however, when he said, "Mommy!  Feel my fluffy!" and began to pull down his pants.

Joey is lucky he is so darn cute.

Beth's fluffy - 1
Joey - 1

***This does not apply to those people who have zero body fat.  If you fall into this category, I am silently cursing you right now.  You know who you are.

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  1. This is really funny b/c he told my mom her elbow skin was "real fluffy", and he was quite impressed. Also, one evening at the beach while Jillian was standing next to my chair talking to me, I felt Joey reach from behind Jillian to rub the back of my arm, LOL.


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