Sunday, August 7, 2011

School Dreams

I know the new school year is approaching because my school dreams have started.  I thought I would share some of them with you.

1)  I arrive at school one morning to discover that I am now teaching third grade (if you don't know, I teach high school English).  To make matters worse, I actually missed the first week of school and have failed to teach the students their song for "cultural anthem day". 

Based on my dreams, I would not be surprised
if I ended up in this bus.
2)  My supervisor tells me that they are out of rooms and that I have to teach class in the cafeteria.  During lunch time.

3)  I'm back in college and discover that I have somehow forgotten to attend math class all semester. To make matters worse, it is finals week.  I'm sure you can imagine the unbridled panic.

4)  My principal, assistant principal and the head of my school district decide to observe me on the first day of school.  I've also been given a class of hoodlums who have no intention of learning, listening or behaving. 

5)  And let's not forget my favorite: the dream when I arrive at school, only to discover that I've forgot my pants.

Beth - 0
Dreams - 1

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