Thursday, September 1, 2011


Those who know me well will be surprised to learn that I am still awake at 10:38 on a work day. And not just any work day.  The day before ninth-grade orientation.

Tomorrow I meet my new students, and am nervous as usual.  So, I'm going to say a quick prayer before I go to bed.

Lord, please let me sleep from 11:00 p.m. till 6:00 a.m. without waking up, for we both know that should I awake during those hours, my crazy brain will move into overdrive, causing me to stay awake for at least two hours obsessing about, well, everything.

May the school dreams which have plagued me for the past month bother a different teacher tonight.  I do not need to arrive to school in my dream only to discover that I have nothing planned for the day.  Nor do I need Satan's child in my classroom for the next ten months.  (In hindsight, it is very possible that WOULDN'T be a dream.  Ug.)

May I have enough confidence in the morning to fool the new faces in front of me.  And please, please Lord.  Do not let my voice tremble as it so often wants to do on the first day.  It shows weakness, and ninth graders can smell weakness.


Beth - 1/2 (maybe)
Students - 1 (always)

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