Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween With The Harar Family

In keeping with Harar tradition, where no holiday can be complete unless something unusual happens, this Halloween began with a pumpkin smashing on Jillian's birthday.  It was her pumpkin, of course, and she cried in the street.  I actually brought one student to tears with this tale, and another bought her a brand new pumpkin.

But let's focus on the funny moments.

Joey insisted on being Yoshi, from Super Mario Brothers, but the only Yoshi costume I could find was a size 8-10.  I bought it for him anyway, rolling up the pants and sleeves.  He looked super cute, actually.  The only problem was that the "hat" was made for a 8-10 year old.  It kept falling in front of his eyes, causing him to run straight into a pole on the day of his preschool Halloween party.  He is sporting a rather attractive purple lip right now.

Jillian found a picture of a costume in a book at the fabric store, and begged my mother to make it, which she did, of course.  The only problem is that I'm still not entirely sure what she "is".  No one is entirely certain, however, though my mom did a great job sewing the costume and Jillian looked fantastic.  We finally settled on pop star, but you can decide for yourself.

While trick-or-treating, Joey used his hand and made a munching noise after he thanked each person for the candy.  What is amusing is that almost every adult made the munching sound right back to him.

One house gave him a small container of Playdoh and he asked if it was Playdoh he could eat.

Jillian was, of course, unfailingly polite, thanking everyone and wishing them a Happy Halloween.  Her stamina was greatly improved this year, and she filled her pumpkin to the brim with candy.  She still says Halloween is the best holiday ever, beating out Christmas, even. 

Overall, it was a great Halloween!

Beth - 1
Kids - 1

Halloween - 1

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