Monday, October 10, 2011

Long Weekends, Urgent Care Visits and Me - Also, Boomer Gets a Purple Sock

My family seems pre-programmed to get sick on long weekends and holidays.  This is bad because it costs double what it normally would since we must go to urgent care instead of a regular doctor.

This has been proven over a long period of time.  A few that come to mind:

Jillian:  Sick on Fourth of July
Jillian:  Sick on Halloween
Mike:  Sick in Ocean City three years ago
Mike:  Sick in Ocean City two years ago
Mike:  Sick in Ocean City one year ago
Me:     Strep Throat on New Years
Joey:   Sick on Christmas Day
Me:     Sick on visit with In-Laws over three day weekend.  **Bonus Ambulance Ride
Boomer:  Pretty much gets sick any time we have to pay double for weekend visits.
He got a cool purple "sock" on his foot.  We
get to pay extra to re-bandage on Wednesday.

The list goes on and on, for the aforementioned are only a preview of our visits to the ER, Urgent Care and 24 hour clinics over the past ten years. 

To add to the list, I spent two hours in Urgent Care with Joey on Sunday afternoon.  He had strep throat.  I would also like to take this opportunity to make a formal apology to Emily Eidem and David's wife for possibly sending strep home with their husbands who came to visit over the weekend.

We foolishly thought our long weekend doctor visits were over, but Boomer surprised us with a bleeding paw on Monday afternoon when we got home from the pumpkin patch. 

Turns out I got to spend another hour in the emergency veterinary clinic with him while they removed a torn nail and bandaged him up.  He also got a pain injection and is feeling awesome right now.
**Bonus for Boomer - Purple Sock Bandage.  And all it cost me was $154.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving!  My money is on Mike.

Beth - 0
Sickness on holidays - 1
Boomer - 1 (He loves pain drugs)


  1. Joey needs to catch up - my money's on him!

  2. Awww! I hope Boomer feels better! What Urgent Care center?

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