Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Scientific Observation About Blonds

As I enjoyed the homecoming parade yesterday with my husband, children and teacher friends, I had the chance to do an impromptu scientific study.

While the students passed by in their floats, or twirling their flags, or chanting unintelligible chants, many of them stopped to say hello to our group.  I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank them for the extra candy.

What was odd, however, is that all of the students both my friend Ashely and I have taught noticed my friend Ashley first.  

ALL of them.

If I examine this scientifically, it could be for one of several reasons.  Either she is a much better teacher than I am (and she probably is), she is much funnier than I am (also probably true) or she is easier to recognize than I am.

To save my pride, I am going with answer #3.  The explanation?  Ashley has beautiful, platinum blond hair.  My hair is a typical boring brown.

Please keep in mind that I'm not complaining.  I long ago embraced my brown hair, and am content with the way I look, but I found it interesting that students that generally who seem to like me, and come by to visit without provocation, all noticed Ashley first.  A few even talked with her for a few minutes before recognizing that I was standing right next to them. 

I've heard the phrase "blonds have more fun" many times in my life, and now I think I understand why.  We still like pretty colors, even as adults.  If I take this knowledge further, I would guess that blonds have more opportunities in life than brunettes.

Again, no real purpose to this post other than to make an observation.  So what if I'm a tad bit jealous? 

Beth with brown hair - 0 (barely noticed)
Beth with blond hair - 1 (I'm guessing)


  1. I don't know if it is the blond hair or if I make it a point to always say "hi" and "how are you doing" to every student I know whether I have had them or not...the kids like to be noticed...

    And blonds have more fun... hehe... ;)


  2. I think you are very hot Beth. I would like to do nasty things with you.


    Thomas Buell

  3. Brown hair is natural camouflage, all this means is that the zombies will eat the blondes first. And the brown haired people will have more time to get to safety.

    How are you,

    Tony :D

  4. As a student, you're a better teacher, however Ms. Sacc is more of a friend.


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