Friday, October 7, 2011

Super Powers

Watching X-Men First Class got me thinking;  I would really like to have a super power. 

However, my husband and his friend Ted think that it isn't enough to have a simple super power.  It must be a very specific superpower - one that makes you the best superhero of all.

I disagree.  There are many superpowers that I would like to have, and none of them would make me the ultimate superhero. 
Here are my choices, in order of least favorite to most favorite:

#5.  Wings
Let's face it.  Wings are cool, and I could fly.  The only problem here is my fear of heights, which I think might be null and void if I actually had wings, making my fear irrelevant.

#4.  Reading Minds
This would be amazing, for I hate liars.  Then again, I also hate liars.  So, finding out what everyone is thinking might be a huge letdown.  I'm still torn on this choice.

Trust me.  I see what is on
the end of his wolverine
talons, AND  I understand
its significance to my life.

#3.  Moving Metal
Moving metal would be an amazing talent, especially given how many metal objects are in the world.  However, I think that my choices might be limited given my job, because I don't daily encounter guns, helmets, knives, barbed-wire, fences or cutlery.  Therefore, this talent would not be of much use to me.

#2.  Spontaneous Teleportation
I had a tough time making this my second choice.  I would love to move anywhere I wanted at anytime, because the possibilities would be endless.  I'd much rather be in Tuscany than in Centreville right now.  However, it seemed a rather selfish mutation, so it lost a few points.      

#1.  Influencing Minds
There is no way this option could be any less than number one.  I can't imagine a situation where I would lose a confrontation if I could make someone think anything I wanted.  Imagine the possibilities!!  Freshman would run home to complete their homework on time.  Students, children and husbands would never argue with me!  Life would be perfect! 

A woman can dream, right?

Beth - 0
Superpowers - 1

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  1. I would LOVE to be able to read minds and know what people would be thinking. I would be my #1 choice and having wings would be my second.


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