Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Alone Time and More Ratings

Mike and I discovered something amazing today. 

We told the children we were going upstairs to talk, and they actually LEFT US ALONE. 

I'm not kidding.  For five whole minutes they left us alone.  Then, when we came downstairs, they didn't react.  The reality was that we could have stayed upstairs longer. 

Who knows how long?  At this point, the possibilities seem endless. 

Also, since I'm on the bragging subject, I just thought you should know that I recieved a second rating on Rate My Teacher.  It says:

Mrs, Harar is one of the most amazing teachers I ever had!! She is so helpful, patient, caring, and really funny! She will always help you with a problem, school related or non school related! I have learned so much from her.

And no, I did not write that, thank you very much.

Beth - 1
Mike - 1
Kids - 0

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