Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Decorations!

Just thought I would share my Christmas decorations with you while they still looked good.  The kids will probably destroy all my hard work by the end of the day.

Positives of Christmas decorating this year:
  •  The first tree we found was perfect.
  •  The JMU game was on TV while we decorated.
  •  The weather outside is beautiful!
  •  Mike and I did not argue about the lights at all.  Also, I did not feel an extreme compulsion to take the lights off when I was finished and re-do them (which I did the past two years).

Negatives of Christmas decorating this year:
  •  Jillian had a break-down because Joey was putting all of the ornaments on the same branch.
  •  I got a rash on my arm from putting lights on the bush outside.  It appears I have an allergy to that  bush.
  •  For some inexplicable reason, only half the lights of every set I've tried will work on the allergy bush.
Pictures of my house:
This is our Christmas tree.  As you can see, it is perfect. 

Dining room table.  Why yes, those are fresh branches you see.

My nativity set on the piano, conveniently out of reach from little hands.

My "showcase" table.  The snowmen are new.  I'm aware that the one on the right no longer has a nose.  I've searched everywhere but cannot find it.  Boo.

Grammy's Christmas Village.  My favorite decoration, may I add.

I'll spare you a picture of my arm rash and bathroom decorations.

Beth - 1
Rash Bush - 1
My Decorated House - 1

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