Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm going to sum up the last two days in less than ten bullets.

1.  Woke up Sunday  to dog puke and dog shart on every level (3) of the house.  Cleaned up all of the doggie mess.
2.  Had a birthday party for 11 kids at my house.
3.  Had dinner for in-laws and friends that same evening.  (Did have fun here)
This is my dog.  He is pooping on my
floor for the millionth time.  I am silently
(OK, not silently) cursing him.
4.  Woke up hungover on Monday morning to dog puke and dog shart on two levels of the house.  Cleaned up all of the doggie mess.
5.  Went to work.
6.  Came home to doggie puke and dog shart all over the kitchen, which the dog subsequently walked through and tracked throughout the kitchen.  Cleaned up all of the doggie mess.
7.  Gave up and took the dog to the vet.
8.  Spent over $300 on the dog for x-rays and shots.  *Bonus*  Boomer pissed all over the techs while they took his x-rays.  He also sharted in his crate.
9.  Almost sat down to watch "The Walking Dead", but Mike broke his pinkie toe on the door and I had to finish giving the kids a bath while he writhed in pain on the bed.
10.  Listened to the dog whine and cry because we aren't allowed to feed him tonight.  This is still going on, by the way.

Sorry for the rather boring list.  But, I feel better now that I've complained.

Beth - 0
Boomer, Mike, Vet - 1


  1. Awww, well I hope things are getting better. Tomorrow is another day and all that, looking forward to turkey day, hope to see you there. :D
    Beth - 1 (for being an awesome blogger)

  2. I seriously just wanted to give you a hug today, but I didn't know if it would make you feel better or more fragile.


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