Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Harar Thanksgiving

In keeping with Harar tradition, my Thanksgiving holiday was not calm and quiet.

If you haven't been reading my other posts, let me help you catch-up:  Mike (hubby) broke his pinkie toe, my dog has been sick with vomiting and bowl problems for six days, and I hit a car on Tuesday.

However, no Harar holiday is complete without someone getting sick.  Joey stepped up to the plate this time.  He appears to have a raging case of laryngitis.

I'll use visuals to walk you through the rest of the day.

This is an example of Wednesday afternoon.  I'd missed two days because of family issues.  My Homies missed me.


This is how Thursday morning started.  I cleaned up dog shart from my floor at 6:00 in the morning.
 Jillian decided to take a picture.

After cleaning and cooking, we came up with a pretty nice spread.  It was SUPER yummy.

After dinner we went to see Christmas lights.  The owner told us the "falling" lights were purchased in
 Belgium.  He must be super rich, since mine usually come from Walmart.

This house does a food drive every year, and puts on a wonderful lights display.  Despite the conversation,
 I do not recommend creamed corn.

After everyone left, Mike and I settled in with some champagne. 

His gimpy foot rested too.



  1. We all missed you at the Figueiredo Thanksgiving, it was rather lonely as only 4 people showed up to eat. Happy Thanksgiving from all your more southern Virginian kin. Nanna Fig says creamed corn is good for a broken toe ( just kidding). Hoping to see you all at Christmas.

    With Love
    T Fig

  2. We missed you too Tony. Love you much.

  3. Do you live near St. Andrews? I think I've seen those lights before...

  4. Hi Anonymous - Yes, I do live near St. Andrews! The lights are really great. You should check them out this week.


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