Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

I'm happy to report that no one got sick this Christmas.  There were no visits to the emergency room either.
The Harar Christmas was not completely uneventful, however.  The most interesting (embarrassing) event happened at Christmas Eve mass. 

Mike wanted to watch the rest of the Skins game, and I wanted to sit down during mass, so my mom, dad, aunt and I left at 4:20 to go to church and save seats for Mike and the kids.  Mike assured me that he would arrive at church by 4:50 so saving the seats wouldn't get uncomfortable. 

At about 4:45, my cell phone rang.  Mike informed me that I have the keys to the van in my purse.  My purse was, of course, sitting right next to me.  My aunt's car was blocking my mom's car, so he couldn't take hers either.  He was, quite simply, stuck at my parent's house.

So, with 11 minutes before mass is to begin, my dad offered to go get him.  He hurried out to the parking lot. 
A minute later, I realized that I'd also forgotten to give my dad the car keys. 

With lightening speed, in my heeled knee-high black boots, I fell over the people in the pew and raced towards his car.  I saw my dad pulling out of the parking space, and actually rationalized that if I could run fast enough, I might be able to cut him off before he leaves the lot.  As fast as I could, waving the keys wildly in the air, I raced across the parking lot, yelling my dad's name as if he could hear me.

He couldn't.  And I missed him.  He just kept on driving.

Finally aware of all the people staring at me, I slunk back into church to send a text message to my husband letting him know that while he had a ride here, we didn't have a ride home. 

At this point, it was getting ugly in church.  People were asking for the open spaces in our pew.  We had the entire pew, and there were only three of us in it.  Whenever I told people that they were saved, I refused to make eye contact, for fear of their un-Christmas-like looks. 

Finally, Mike walked in, dropped off the kids, and went back to my parent's house with my dad to get the car.  This time I remembered to give him the keys.  And with the kids there, the pew looked fuller, and the nasty looks subsided.

I should take this opportunity to tell you that some of my students were sitting right in front of me, just to the right, and a bit to the left as well.  A girl I knew in high school was sitting behind me.

Also, my ex-boyfriend was  three rows back. 

Hell, if I'm going to embarrass myself, I might as well do it in front of people who will not hesitate to gossip about me.

Beth - 0
Mike - 0
Parents - 0
Car Keys - 1

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  1. This will teach you to go to your homebase church for large holidays!! We have recently started doing this and I can't stand it! We went to my grandparents church until Grandma passed away, then Grandpa's assisted living service (this one was awesome as we were the only non-residents in attendance so a bit of a spectacle with my kids in tow and every resident wanting to talk and touch them plus it was only like 35 minutes) and then when Grandpa passed away, we went to some church with a children's pageant my aunt wanted to go to for the benefit of my children (yes, the 45 minute drive to get there an hour early was simply fantastic - we stopped at McD's on the way so the kids wouldn't complain and the kids watched movies in the car while I saved seats). So now, we go to our own church for holidays - I don't save seats so either get there on time or you don't get a seat!


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