Sunday, December 18, 2011

Daddy's Birthday

I think I should start with a little bit of background information before I begin today.  If you know my family, you know that giving my dad any kind of gift is a big gamble.  You'll either get the nod of approval, or the toss on the table with an: "I don't like it."  There really is no in-between.  If he rejects your gifts, you are expected to keep a smile on your face and hand him the gift receipt while your heart breaks into a million pieces and your sense of self worth as a gift giver crumbles into dust.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday.  Unbelievably, he liked all the gifts he received.  However, my husband and I gave him a golf towel, and my sister gave him Sirius XM Radio.  What followed was a series of comments based upon the "value" of the two gifts.
To help me recap that conversation, I have a guest blogger with me today.  Mike, my husband, is here to help me give the top ten reasons why the gift of a golf towel is better than the gift of Sirius XM Radio.

Me:  Welcome Mike!
Mike:  You're about to be blogger-fied!
Me:  OK then.  Let's get started.

Drum Roll Please . . .


10. A golf towel can be used to clean your golf balls
9,   A golf towel is colorful.  Sirius XM Radio is a boring black.
8.   No one breaks into your car to steal a golf towel. 
7.   You don't have to sit through a boring episode of Howard Stern with a golf towel.
6.   A golf towel works in all kinds of weather.  Rain, shine, sleet or snow, a golf towel is the way to go.
5.   You still have only five reliable pre-set radio stations when you own a golf towel.
4.   Can Sirius XM radio wipe the sweat of a hard golf day from your brow?  No, it cannot.
3.   You can't playfully smack your buddy in the ass in the locker room showers with a Sirius XM Radio.  2.   Good luck drying yourself off in a pinch after an unexpected rain-storm with Sirius XM radio. 
1.   A golf towel is the gift that keeps on giving, not the gift that keeps on asking an extra $75 a month for its services.

To be fair, however, I think his favorite gift of all was . . . .

The Republican Crocs!!!

Beth - 1
Mike - 1  (Thanks for the input!)

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