Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Middleburg Christmas Parade

I love the town of Middleburg. So much, in fact, that I occasionally have mini-fantasies of what life would be like if I lived there.

As our new tradition, we got together with the Shea family (love you guys!) and took our kids to the Middleburg Christmas Parade.  Also in keeping with tradition, we were late to the restaurant because we left late and crawled down the one lane road in ridiculous traffic. 

After lunch, my son had to hurt himself, because we really can't go anywhere without him doing so.  Observe the red mark on his forehead as evidence that he fell and whacked his head on a brick.  The hot cocoa stand guy made sure we weren't going to sue him, and never even offered us a free hot chocolate.  Not very "Middleburg" of him, was it?

The parade, however, was fun!

Awwwww.  We're happy.

The two in the blue coats are mine.  A Shea child is in the light purple.  I don't know that other girl trying to bogart my kids candy.
Of particular interest this year was the horse dung left in the road after the horses pranced by.  Every time a car ran over the rather smelly mass, a loud "Ooh!" could be heard throughout the crowd.  The kids screamed in delight whenever someone hit the dung.  Exciting stuff, horse dung.

Yup.  That brown stuff came from the horse.

We made friends with the lady next to us who had an extraordinary sense of humor.  Together we made sarcastic comments about the various floats and our fellow parade-goers.  I kind of wish I had asked for her number, as odd as that may sound.

This is our nameless friend.  I took her picture covertly so she wouldn't think I was weird.

Two incidents reminded me, however, that we were not in Northern Virginia.

1.  People in Middleburg REALLY love their dogs.
Yes.  She gave the dog her expensive faux-fur coat.
2.  And, on the opposite spectrum, is the complete and utter disrespect for animals:
You are not mistaken.  That is a dead deer in the tray-thingy.

Overall, however, the fun sights and exciting activities got to the kids on the way back to the Shea's house.  It only took five minutes before they looked like this:

It was a good day.

Beth - 1
Middleburg - 1
Warm Dog - 1
Dead Deer - 0


  1. Aww, Bambi got run over by the Americun Jeep. Love your posts Beth, they never fail to make me laugh. :D

  2. I think the deer was being brought for processing, Beth. You probably took a snapshot of a hunter's morning tag there.


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