Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Teddy G

Today I'm going to talk about Teddy Geiger.

It is safe to share some "details" about Teddy G., since I feel an appropriate amount of time has passed since the incident occurred.  And believe me, I've been dying to write about this for months.

Maybe you are familiar with Teddy G.  He is a singer.  You can experience his famousness at the end of this post.

Anyway, I went to a wedding last summer and it just so happens that Teddy Geiger was a guest.  I had every intention of treating him as a normal person, and not as a celebrity, but his behavior forced me to stare at him.  I'm not kidding - it wasn't my fault.  It was all him.

To begin, Teddy G. sat two pews in front of us with his super cute girlfriend, which seemed normal at the time, until he began kissing her neck during the super conservative full Catholic mass.  I'm pretty certain that he didn't miss a single area of neck skin during the service, and even went in for a full mouth kiss on occasion.

Even better was his love of church hymns.  He loves them a LOT.  He likes to lip-sync them in a sexy way to his girlfriend.  He likes to sing them into her neck too.

I really got the feel for Teddy G.'s love of music during the service as well, because he "played" the piano on his girlfriend's back with his fingers.  He did this as he was sexily mouthing the church hymns.  Smooth moves.  Celebrity smooth.

He certainly kept our row entertained.  If laughing during a wedding ceremony wasn't taboo, I would have been rolling on the ground. 

Anyway, I thought of Teddy G. today when his song came on Pandora, and I figured it was time to share my experience.  I'll never get through one of his songs without thinking about his sexy church singing.  I may have even played piano fingers on the kitchen counter. 

Beth - 1
Teddy - 1

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  1. This is all true. I, too, witnessed it. One thing you omitted though was the 10 minute game of pat-a-cake the two played in the vestibule following the wedding mass. I was really getting the impression that they thought no one could see them....


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