Monday, February 6, 2012

Obsessions (Not Excluding My New Stat Counter)

Yeah, I obsess.  A lot.  I obsess a lot.

When I obsess over something, it often consumes my thoughts, creating an almost irresistible urge to look at it 24/7.  I sneak peaks when no one is looking, just so they won't realize I'm a complete obsessive freak that really likes new things.  I have a very difficult time controlling these obsessions, but do my darnedest to hide them from . . . well . . . you.

It feels good to get that out.  I thought I might share some of my obsessions with you today, because my newest obsession involves my blog.  In case you missed it (and you probably did), I have installed a Stat Counter at the bottom of the very blog which you are now perusing. 

Wait.  You think this is obsessive?
Like all of my obsessions, I've tried very hard to keep myself in check.  This entails not checking the stat counter forty times a day to see how many people have come to visit my fine writing.  But it is hard.  Very, very hard. 

Most my obsessions start this way.  I'm introduced to a new concept, app or web-thingy-majig of sorts, and am likewise fascinated by this item.  I must have it.  NOW.  So, I don't wait and immediately get my hands on it, so to speak, without considering the consequences. 
I prefer immediate gratification to sensible waiting.

However, this new "thing" in my life begins to take over my thoughts.  I get curiouser and curiouser about this item, wondering about the next time I can check it, find it or look at it. 

Usually, I somehow feel that this item in some way either confirms or molds or upholds my popularity (or lack thereof). 

Hence, if I feel better about myself after looking at it, I keep going back for more.  If I feel worse about myself after viewing it, I keep coming back to see if my status has changed.  I do recognize the ridiculousness of this statement, and would change my mind if possible, but 33 years have gone by and the outlook does not look good at this point.

Some Items That Became Worthy of My Obsession:
Text Messaging
My Blog (Beth's Bemusings)
The Clarity of Night Website when I entered a writing piece in a contest.  By far, this received my best obsessing efforts.  Ever.
Rate My
Words With Friends
Work Emails
Scramble with Friends
And the latest . . .Stat Counter

To my credit, I eventually get over the "newness" and stop the pathetic obsessing, but it sure can take a while.  I'll lose interest in the Stat Counter too.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go do . . . . something. 

Beth - 0
Obsessions - 1

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