Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beth and Her Offspring's Participation in Competitive Sports

Today I was reminded why I never participated in competitive sports. They make me nervous. 

Turns out, watching my kids compete isn't easy for me either.

Joey is going to be on a flag football team this spring, and today were the "assessments".  I thought that meant the kids would do a bit of practicing while the coaches watched them.  Instead, the kids were participating in a draft, which will officially take place tomorrow.
Future Football Star

Although this knowledge stressed me out beyond belief, to the point where my
heart pounded every time they handed him the football and told him to run, Joey was blissfully unaware of the situation.  Some of the kids took these assessments VERY seriously.  My sweet boy didn't.

In usual Joey fashion, he hopped around in excitement the second he got onto the field.  As soon as he realized that high-fives were happily given with enthusiasm, he eagerly participated.  Every chance he had, Joey was giving a coach a high-five.  I even saw him pull a "Down-Low-Too-Slow" on one coach.  Nice one, son.

When they practiced throwing the ball, he was paired against a child who was a football prodigy.  The kid  threw many perfect spirals, and one perfect spiral into Joey's chest, but to his credit, he apologized for hurting him.  I cursed prodigy child in my head the entire time, coming up with other ways I could match them where my son would reign supreme.  I decided that Joey would be a MUCH better reader, and that in a wrestling match, Joey would, without a doubt, kick his ass.

In the 20 yard sprint, Joey's first time was so-so.  While some of the kids set their jaws and ran like they were being chased by green vegetables, Joey ran like he was at the end of a marathon, smiling and waving to Mike and me.  Just before he ran, he yelled, "I love you Mommy!"  I had to admit he seemed like the happiest kid on the field.  However, my competitive streak set in, and I sent my husband over to give him a message.  His second time was much better.  The message?  Run like Sonic the Hedgehog.  Don't judge.  It worked.

During the last trial, however, we discovered our son's strong point.  When they had to run within the cones and pull the flags off the other players, Joey was king.  He moved quickly and with purpose, and was down to the last three kids every time.  Once, he even tackled another kid to get his flag.  Though against the rules, I swelled with pride. 

My little linebacker. 

Beth - 1
Joey - 1
Linebackers - 1
Perfect Football Kid - 0  

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  1. Mrs. Bethany, may I just say that your anecdotes never fail to bring a smile to my face. As well as the fact that in my mind's eye I can envision every instance you described.
    Great Imagery - 1
    I hope this comment finds you well as the long awaited Spring sets in on our fair state of Virginia. I'm looking forward to a certain novel(that your recommended to me) based movie that premieres this 23rd and hope you are too.
    Much love as always.


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