Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ten Years Ago

I was thinking about how much my life has changed in ten years. 

Marital Status:
Best decision ever
2002 - Newlywed
2012 - Married for over a decade

2002 - None
2012 - Two

2002 - Small Apartment in Richmond
2012 - Townhouse in Centreville (with an actual, real house in-between.  Damn the prices in Northern Virginia)

Typical Weekend:
2002 - Sleep in, hang out with friends, get some chores done, go out, stay out late, party hard, repeat.
2012 - Wake up to find the kids in bed with me, chase kids out of the bed and attempt to sleep in another half hour, usher kids to sports activities, entertain kids, complete errands that absolutely cannot be put off until later, ignore the laundry that needs to be done, go to bed early.

Typical Day After Work:
2002 - Drink, rest, TV Time, time alone with Mike, read.
2012 - Pick up kids, feed kids, take kids to activities, feed kids again, try and squeeze in all the chores I can't get done over the weekend, fall asleep at the same time as the kids.

Stress Level:
2002 - Low, although I don't realize it at the time. 
2012 - Super duper high.  And I know it.

Feelings on Dogs as Pets:
2002 - Dogs are the greatest animal ever.  Stupidly convince husband to let me get one.
2012 - Will never get another dog once Boomer is gone.  Never.  Ever.

Feelings on Jobs:
2002 - My job sucks.  I hate bankruptcy attorneys.
2012 - My job is awesome.  Being a teacher is perfect.  I'm in charge.  Bankruptcy attorneys can kiss my grits.

Feelings on Parents:
2002 - I'm an independent woman living two hours away from my parents.  I can do this.
2012 - My parents live five minutes down the road.  I couldn't do without them.

My, how times  have changed.  And when I look at both years, I think 2012 blows 2002 out of the water. 

2002 Beth - 0
2012 Beth - 1

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