Friday, June 15, 2012

It's the End of the Year . . . Again

The end of the school year finally came!

I knew it was coming, because before this week the atmosphere in the school changed - a subtle shift that hid within the school walls.  It seemed quieter, though the students were louder than ever.  Everyone still entered the building each morning, but the halls were emptier than usual.  Even students who usually came by to visit, tapered off.  They were eager, perhaps, to veer from the normal routine, or just wanted to get the hell out of the school.

This expresses my happiness through a cliched symbol.

It probably didn't help that I started cleaning out my room three weeks ago, or that I stripped the walls bare making the gray school brick seem like the inside of a torture chamber .  I couldn't help it, however.  I was just ready for the end of the year.
Most amusing, perhaps, was the amnesia that settled in.  I asked some students to share some of their favorite parts English, as well as their least favorite, to gain some insight for next year.  The majority actually told me they couldn't think of anything bad.  I know for a fact this is not true.  The warm nights had already muddled their impressionable minds.  They forgot that I asked them the same thing mid-year and their list of dislikes was lengthy.

The vacant stares increased, the laughter was louder and my annoyance had taken the form of blatant eye-rolling.

But the weeks passed quickly and today, my last class took their final exam.  I stacked the chairs and desks along the side of the wall, threw away the remaining exams and uncollected papers, and put a lock on my closet. 

Then, I went to happy hour starting at 12:30 with my favorite English department.  Summer is indeed here.

Beth - 0
School Year 2011-2012 - 1