Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It Turns Out I'm Quite . . . . . Unique

While creating a getting-to-know-you activity for school, I had to come up with a list of facts about myself.  As my husband helped me, I realized I am, for lack of a better word, very unique. 

The List:

I took this picture of a stuffed
animal my son dropped in the toilet.
After creating this blog post, the photo just
seemed to fit.

I was born in Wisconsin

My favorite place in the world is Carmel, California.

I’ve written 2 ½ novels, but none are published

I grew up with two parrots

I hate spoons

When I was pregnant, I cried once when my husband didn’t buy the right flavor of Pringles

I hate donuts

I got a puppy three weeks ago

I love science fiction and fantasy

I love watching bad made-for-TV movies

I love socks

I’ll cry at the same scene even after watching a movie 20 times

I blog

My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice

I used to hate yogurt, but since having kids I love it

I talk in my sleep every night, usually about school

I can’t watch when people drink from a bowl

I’m very competitive at board games

I have an extreme fear of heights and tight places

If I spill salt, I toss it over my left shoulder

I’ve been known to read an entire novel in one day

I hate taking scantron tests, but I give them anyway

I hate flying in airplanes and have several drinks before boarding ( I left the drinking part off for the students)

I have to sit in the front seat or I get motion sickness

I swam with dolphins

Hedgehogs are my favorite animal

I’m pretty much allergic to everything

I’m terrified of needles

My ears get red and hot at random times

My favorite color is red

My husband thinks I hate pie, but I don’t

    That's it.  Just felt like sharing my quirkiness.   Beth - 1 Quirky - 1 Students - 0 (Hopefully they think I'm super weird and don't act up)

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