Friday, September 28, 2012

Loves and Things Not Loved

Current Loves

Blaring music in the car (and dancing in the car)
A patient husband
Brother in law home from Afghanistan
American Horror Story re-runs
Good friends who care
MY kids
A-days at school
Visits from former students
Love from my puppy
Re-reading great short stories
Staff development meetings on Friday
Strength over pain (not physical - no worries)
Dancing with my kids in the kitchen
Appreciating good literature

Current Things Not Loved

My inability to self-discipline
Rude parents
People who disrespect teachers
The new host of Family Feud
Puppy accidents
Loud yelling
When kids say they hate English
Cleaning my house
Real staff development meetings
Pain over strength
Poorly written books

Beth's Loved Items - 1
Beth's Unloved Items - 0

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