Sunday, September 1, 2013

Random Thoughts On Bars

First, I'd like to wish my dear friend Bethany (yeah, we have the same name) a very happy birthday!

Being an old, married woman with two children, I don't often hit the bar scene anymore.  Last night, I had the opportunity to go out with two girlfriends to a bar in Arlington.  Usually, I do not frequent anywhere that isn't within a ten minute radius of my house, so this was quite an adventure for me.  I made several observations that I thought I might share with you.

1.  I'm really glad I'm married, because there are a lot of super hot girls out there and I know I wouldn't stand a chance in hell of finding a decent guy anymore.
Wow!  What an awesome can!
2.  Pick-up lines have not improved.  A guy used my Corona can as an opportunity to strike up a conversation.  He mentioned how he'd never seen one like that before (it was taller and skinner than your average can), and asked if I liked the can.  I told him I liked what was in the can better.  He then called the can the "Virginia Slim of Beers."  I gave him a confused look and he sheepishly walked away. 

3.  It is now acceptable to wear anything that allows everyone to see your bra.  Not the strap.  The entire freaking bra.  Might as well walk around in a bikini, which oddly seems more appropriate.

4.  Stools and chairs at an outdoor bar are a hot commodity.  One fine fellow even saved one for the entire three hours we were there, insisting that someone was using it. It stayed empty the entire time, and I called him lots of names in my head because I had to stand while the stool stayed open.  Maybe he was hoping he would get lucky and find a girl to sit there, but I can tell you he didn't have a shot in hell of that happening.

5.  The bartender actually gave me a hard time about getting a water, informing me that it was 9:30 and it was too early to start drinking water.  Um, really?  Does that seem weird to anyone else?  Shouldn't they support sober driving?  

In any case, that was enough to last me at least another year.  Crazy bar people.

Beth - 0
Bars - 0
Corona Can - 1


  1. Maybe I'm just old, but I would pass up a thousand of those "super hot girls" to find one that is real and down to earth. One that can hold a conversation about something more than what's on sale at the mall, or what's up with the Kardashians. Let those other guys have their hollow chocolate easter bunnies, I want something solid with some filling!

  2. You have something against finding great sale items?

    Just kidding. It is refreshing to know that there are still some guys who will go for intelligence over looks. However, based on what I was seeing at the bar, there aren't many.

    Also, I prefer chocolate covered cherries, which have a delicious filling. But that is somewhat off topic and not really relevant here.

  3. What a fun post, make me smile and oh yes so glad I'm not part of this scene! Well, I never was actually LOL. But your take on it was hilarious.


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