Saturday, November 23, 2013

Baby G

It is high time I wrote about the newest edition to my family:  Baby Gia.

As my Dad always says, Masone girls are amazing, and Gia is no exception.  I am a very proud Auntie Beth.

My mom and I even had the unique opportunity to spend a long weekend babysitting Gia while my sister and her husband went to a wedding in Key West, Florida. 

But am I jealous of my sister??  Heck no!  Gia is awesome!
Seriously?  How freaking cute is she?

To start, she is wonderful and perfect.  I love how she purses her lips together in a perfect little coo face, and I adore her little grunts and baby noises, and the way she holds my finger with her tiny hand when I feed her a bottle.  Like her mother (sorry DD), she doesn't like messes, and fusses as soon as her diaper is the least bit uncomfortable.  But no worries, because that's why we are here.  To be clear, I am not insinuating my sister wears a diaper, but rather that she detests messes.

In fact, I'd forgotton how much work newborn babies are.  My back is already hurting after bending down to pick her up, put her down, carry her, rock her, change her . . . . . I remember those days seven and ten years ago.  I'll also be scheduling a massage as soon as I get home.

I also forgot about the "on call" part of parenthood.  My kids get home and they can get themselves a snack, walk around alone, be incredibly specific when they complain (my eggs taste bad, I don't like apple juice, you didn't cut my chicken up small enough, I like your bed better than my bed), and basically fend for themselves.

Gia needs constant attention.  Is it too hot?  Too cold?  Should I put a hat on her or take it off?  It is so hard to figure out why she cries or gets fussy.

All I have to do is yell at my kids to put on a coat, and they can either listen to me or ignore me.  But I said it, and I'm done.  Babysitting Gia has brought me back to a level of parenting I will always cherish, but never want to return to permanently.

I do want to say that my Grammy Sis would be proud.  Gia has a great set of lungs on her and can scream and holler like a true Italian.  My Grandma June would also be proud, because Gia is a smart little devil (angel) who is already smiling and has discovered her hands.

Regardless, I couldn't be happier that she is here.  And, as her godmother, I'm so excited to have such a perfect human being in my life.

Congratulations Diane and Lance.  And thanks for my favorite niece. 

Beth - 1
Baby G - 2
Beth's Back - 0

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