Sunday, November 10, 2013

Convenient Imaginary Lanes

It is time to talk about people who ignore the rules.  For a reason I cannot explain, some people feel they don't have to foll the rules, even if ignoring them exhibits a rude inconvenience to others.

I bring this up, because I'm witnessing this phenomenon every day.  And you'll never guess who the rule-breakers are. 

Private Catholic School Parents.

The very people you would least expect to be rule-breakers are astonishing me with their rule-breaking ways.  (I suddenly have this odd urge to bust out a Dr. Seuss-type rhyme)

Basically, when we pick up our kids, we form two lines in each red arrow "lane".  The lanes furthest to the left (in the picture below) get to leave first, and then the next over and so on.  Many parents arrive very early to get in the first two lanes.

Notice, specifically, the red arrows that point towards the church.  You will see that they are in the space BETWEEN the parking spaces.  In the instructions, it says, "Please do not "tag" onto earlier carpool lanes so you can depart more quickly."  This is Catholic School Way of saying, "don't cheat".

Well some parents, and I'm talking about three or four out of 40, have decided that they will just create their own line.  These rule-breakers usually emerge about five minutes before pick-up. 

There are already two lines in every lane, and the first two lanes are pretty much completely full.  Logic and morality would suggest if the first two lanes are full, even if they get out first and you would also like to get out first, you suck it up and go into the second "wave" of lanes.

But no.  Not these people.  They decide to create an imaginary "third" lane in the actual parking spaces (which is in direct violation of the picture above), just so they can get out earlier.  They don't appear ashamed, or embarrassed, or in any way self-conscious.  They just pull right on up and make their own lane. 

Despite the fact that I'm sitting in my car in front of a church, I'm cursing them in my head, wondering what the hell they are thinking. 

I mean, do they just pull up and say "Hey, I don't feel like waiting today so I'm just gonna park in a place where there is no line.  No one will care."  Or do they think, "No way am I gonna park in the SECOND wave of cars.  I'm gonna pull in here."  Or, do they just laugh and say, "SUCKERS!" as they pull in to the lane that does not exist. 

I don't know, and I wish I did.  But it bugs the crap out of me, and I'd like to think my piercing glare as they pull past my car into the imaginary lane will someday shame them into changing their ways.  To make matters worse, the official car "dismisser" just lets them do it!  Grrrrrrrr.

Beth - 1 (I'm a rule follower)
Rule-Breakers - 0

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