Friday, December 20, 2013

Moving On

As 2013 comes to a close, I start reviewing my year.  I look at the good, but tend to focus more on the bad.  I mull over the mistakes I made, or the events I wish hadn't happened.  I ponder the things I should have done but failed to do. 

And then, I say "screw it" and try to forget everything but the good.  So, here is my 2013 list.

Beth's 2013 Top-Five

1.  My first niece was born on October 14th.  Sure, it is during the Harar birthday season,
     which may add more stress, but she is worth it.

Signing my contract!
2.  I signed a contract with Wido publishing, which means I'm
     going to be a published author. Then I  gave the "forget you"
     sign (use your imagination) to the 50 agents and publishers
     who had previously rejected me.

3.  My children stayed healthy and continue to thrive in their new
     Catholic school environment.  This is also fantastic because I  
     don't have to drag them to CCD at night and I know they are
     making it to church at least once a week.  Sometimes, I'm a
     bad Catholic and want to party on a Saturday and sleep in the
     next Sunday, but I feel guilty about it.  Now I'm guilt free!

4.  I have the most supportive husband in the world, who loves
     me despite my many, many flaws.  It is safe to say that the end of this year has been
     difficult, but he hugs me when I'm being witchy and makes me laugh when I'm close to
     tears.  Plus, he is really hot, so bonus.

5.  I continue to live near my job and my family.  So, although I see students outside of
     school at embarrassing times and probably drive my parents crazy with how often I barge
     into their house, I save a crap-ton of money on gas.  And, I get to be around my parents,
     which is blessing, because I love them so much.

Adios bad stuff from 2013.  I've forgotten you already.

Beth - 1
2013 - 1

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