Thursday, February 6, 2014

Things I'd Rather Do Than Grade Papers

I have papers to grade and am procrastinating. In order to further procrastinate, I decided to make a list of activities I'd find preferable to grading at this time.

Activities That Are Better Than Grading Eleventh Grade English Papers

1.    Watching Spanish soap-operas.  You should know that I don't speak Spanish. 
2.    Standing in line behind two teenagers in love at the airport terminal security checkpoint.

3.    Looking at pictures that capture the progressive changes of Justin Bieber's hair-style.

4.    Logging in my Weight Watcher Points.

5.    Watching my children play Minecraft or listening to Stampy Long
       Nose Videos. (If you are unfamiliar with these videos, I urge you to
       YouTube them to see just how desperate I am)

6.    Sitting in a Wendy's while people chow down on chicken nuggets, but
       not ordering anything.

7.    Participating in a conversation I know nothing about. Probably about
       basketball or hockey.

8.    Listening to a Aaron Neville song on repeat for more than an hour.

9.    Doing 100 crunches in front of a personal trainer with a perfect body.

10.  Giving my husband exclusive rights to the remote control.

I've just wasted 30 minutes.  Success.

Beth - 1
Papers - 0
Quality of Procrastination - 1


  1. Thought yout post great.
    I am Yvonne Lewis one of Arlee Bird's Ambassadors for the A to Z Challenge I noticed you have signed up for.
    I hope you are still going to take part and look forward to visiting you during April.

  2. Thanks Yvonne! I'm very excited to participate in the A-Z Challenge, and am already working on my list. I look forward to seeing what others blog about as well. :)


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