Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A-Z Blogging Challenge

Just to give everyone a head’s up, I’ll be participating in the A-Z Blogging Challenge in the month of April.  This is great for you, because it means I’ll be blogging every day, except for Sundays.  They won’t be as long as my usual posts, but I hope you will enjoy the variety.

If there is anything you particularly want to read about, just let me know in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to work it in! 

I do need a topic for the following letters:  D, G, J, U, V, Y and Z

At this point, I’ll pretty much jump on anything interesting.  Go ahead.  Challenge me.  I dare you.

Beth – 1
Writing Challenge – 1
Beth’s Performance in the Challenge - ??

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Six Word Saturday - Week 4

Yeah, yeah.  I missed last week.  But I had the stomach flu, so my excuse is pretty legit.

No joke.  Teaching is hard.  Teaching on little sleep is hardest.  Teaching while sick is the very, very worst.  All patience you usually have is gone, which makes for a very grumpy teacher who can't stand hearing her name called over and over and over again. 
This isn't me.  And I don't own a cat.
But she looks more comfortable
than I was last week.
Even worse, I took my kiddos to the library to work on a project, which automatically increases the level of neediness by about 200%.  (You would think the computer lab/library would make a teacher's life easier, but you'd be wrong). 
Anyhoo, I'm glad I'm finally over this horrible stomach bug and life can resume to its normal level of crazy.
Beth - 0
Stomach Bug - 1
Needy Students - 1

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Six Word Saturday - Week 3

Join Six-Word Saturday!
This six-word Saturday post is one that perfectly sums up the week and is dear to my heart.


It was wonderful.  It was glorious.  It was SO needed after this past week, which included the start of SOL exams, turning in interim grades, an interview, my daughter's Indian longhouse project due-date (Making this was Hell.  Pure Hell), and appointments every day. 

I couldn't tell you the last time I got eight straight hours of uninturrupted sleep, but it has to be at least ten years, since my first baby was born, which is a looooooonnnnngggg time. 

If this were an Oscar speech, I would say that I couldn't have achieved this accomplishment without the help of my husband, who took my two beautiful children to his mother's house for the weekend, leaving me alone with the dog.  I would also like to thank my poodle, Annie, for having the intelligence not to wake me up in the middle of the night, knowing the horrible fate that might befall her if she did.
Crossing my fingers for another eight hours tonight!

Beth - 1
Annie - 1
My family going out of town - 1

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Six Word Saturday (Sunday)- Week 2

So it's Sunday.  Sue me.  I forgot.

Skating Rinks Are Dangerous, Evil Places

They look fun.  Loud, boisterous people skating around and around in a circle to upbeat music that old people would complain about.  Children laughing, couples holding hands, tacky strobe lights and disco balls casting purple lights on the walls.  But underneath lurks an evil place which lures people into a false sense of security.  People think they are really good at roller skating, and become over-confident.  They attempt tricky moves which they cannot execute properly.  And the skating rink will not let someone like this emerge unscathed.
Die, Roller Skates!  Die!
Eight months ago, I fell while showing off my amazing skating moves and ended up having knee surgery as a result. 
Friday, Jillian fell and broke her toe while skating in the exact same rink.  She'll be on crutches for a while.
Damn you, Skate and Fun Zone.  You've fooled us twice.
Beth - 0
Jillian - 0
Skate and Fun Zone - 1