Saturday, March 22, 2014

Six Word Saturday - Week 4

Yeah, yeah.  I missed last week.  But I had the stomach flu, so my excuse is pretty legit.

No joke.  Teaching is hard.  Teaching on little sleep is hardest.  Teaching while sick is the very, very worst.  All patience you usually have is gone, which makes for a very grumpy teacher who can't stand hearing her name called over and over and over again. 
This isn't me.  And I don't own a cat.
But she looks more comfortable
than I was last week.
Even worse, I took my kiddos to the library to work on a project, which automatically increases the level of neediness by about 200%.  (You would think the computer lab/library would make a teacher's life easier, but you'd be wrong). 
Anyhoo, I'm glad I'm finally over this horrible stomach bug and life can resume to its normal level of crazy.
Beth - 0
Stomach Bug - 1
Needy Students - 1

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