Friday, April 4, 2014

A-Z Blogging Challenge: D is for Daddy and Daughter

I’m devoting this blog to my Daddy and to my baby Daddy.  (I’ve always wanted to say that in context.  Score!)

We’ll start with the father of my children, who is an amazing man.  And who better to tell you about him than my guest blogger, Jillian Harar!
Me:  Jillian.  Tell me why you love your daddy.
Jillian:  I love him because he feeds me, he is very handsome and strong, and he puts me to bed. I also love him because he brings me places, and he plays sports with me. There is just too much I like about him to say.
Me:  So, would you say he’s pretty much an awesome dad?
Jillian:  Yes. 
Me:  What is something embarrassing you can share about him? 
Jillian:  He sings horribly. 
Me:  Don’t I know it.  Thanks baby!
Now a bit about my Daddy.  He is everything a girl could want in a dad.  He is brave and strong.  When I’m sad, he always knows and gives me a hug to make things better.  My dad is loud and hilarious, and never fails to make me laugh.  Even better, he is a fantastic grandfather to my children, who love and adore him as much as I do.
Most importantly, however, he is there for me no matter what horrible, stupid, brainless thing I’ve done, and I know that he will love me no matter what.

So for the two dads out there who I love more than any other men in the world, thank you for being mine. 

Daddy of My Children – 1

My daddy – 1

Me – 1 Lucky Girl


  1. Dad's are so important. it makes me smile every time I see my husband and daughter together. I was also blessed with a great Dad. I loved your post! It's been fun seeing the different A-Z posts!

  2. How wonderful to read loving comments about daddy and baby daddy. Not so common these days it seems. Thank you for sharing some wonderful emotions. Aloha.
    Gail visiting for AtoZ

  3. This would be a nice post to come back to for father's day.


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