Saturday, April 5, 2014

A-Z Blogging Challenge: E is for Editing

My first book will be published this year, and even though I’m only half-way through the publishing process, I’m finished with the “major” edits.  So, I thought I would briefly share this process with you, since it is a frequently asked question.

To begin, my editor, Summer, was awesome.  She was very organized, prompt and thorough.  I started by formatting the manuscript properly,  (Only ONE space between sentences!) , then thought, “Hey!  This is really easy!”  These words were an ominous precursor to what was to come.

I experienced very few scene re-writes, so in that sense I was lucky.  I think all of the time I spent editing the book myself, before the submission process, paid off in this respect.
But oh, the words.  The too-often repeated, specific words. 
  • Was
  • Look
  • That
  • Just
  • Knew
  • Walk

Those evil little words that I used 800 times a piece (sadly, no exaggeration here) and had to eliminate, one by one.  I won’t lie – getting rid of them was tedious and took a very long time.  But I knew this process would make my manuscript better, so I stuck with it.  Each word I erased was a small accomplishment.  Another step forward.  Wine was helpful in this stage.

As a cautionary tale to writers – avoid these words at all costs.  You’ll just have to get rid of them later, and their absence makes for a more vivid story.

After four months, the editing process was finished, and those months flew by.  For those who worry about editing, I hope to relieve your anxiety.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  In fact, I actually enjoyed it.

Beth – 1
Editing – 1
Summer the Editor – 1


  1. It's a tough process, but enjoyable!

  2. Editing is really difficult for me. But, I do it. Congratulations on being half way through publication:)

  3. THAT is my baddie, I add it way too often and always have a ton of them to take out. LOL!


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