Saturday, April 19, 2014

A-Z Blogging Challenge: Q is for Queen for a Day

I get giddy just contemplating the prospect.  Queen for a day.  If I were queen for a day. . . . .

The day would be longer.  36 hours instead of 24.  That way I could sleep for 14 hours and still have enough time to do the things I wanted to do.

Every word would flow from me easily, and I would be able to write 100 pages in three hours.

There would be three brand new The Walking Dead episodes on that day, at a time when there was no one around to bother me.  Snacks and beer would appear when I snapped my fingers. 

The beer calories would dissolve instantly.

Miraculously, my mind would be free from stress and worry for the entire day.

My children would get along, and offer to clean their rooms.  I mean REALLY clean them.  Not just shove things in corners or make ridiculous piles in their closets that I have to clean up later. 

I would have complete access to any funds I wanted, and they would be huge. 

This means I could hire a maid to clean my entire house, top to bottom, without judging me for the mess involved.  NO JUDGING.

I would not only fit in every outfit I tried on, but look damn good in it.  And skinny. 

Speaking of skinny, I would lose ten pounds instantly.

My husband and I could eat at the restaurant 2914 for free and go to bed late because the day is longer and the teenage babysitter is working to earn volunteer hours rather than money.

Okay.  I should stop now, because we all know that teenagers would never do that.

Beth as Queen - 1
Fantasies - 1


  1. LOVE IT! I would take every single one of those things too, except I'd change restaurants since I don't have that one, and I don't have to worry about beer calories since I don't drink- maybe chocolate calories for me. And instead of Walking Dead, I would need time for all the other shows I watch and never have time for! If you become Queen for the day, please make this possible for everyone! :)

    1. I promise to share my queen of the day perks with you. :) (Minus the beer, restaurant and show)


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